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What’s one thing you miss…

I took my kids to a movie theater for the first time last week. Popcorn got spilled (twice) and no one stayed in their seats, but it was ok as our little group happened to be the only people in the theater. As I sat there it hit me, the first time I remember going to a theater was with my aunt Debbie. She took us to see the movie Rescuers Down Under. I must of been around five at the time. I miss her. She died over a year ago now. I miss her giving spirit and the way she spoiled us especially when we were kids. Simple things, but special things like making the effort to take us to the theater. What’s one thing you miss about the person your heart is grieving?

4 thoughts on “What’s one thing you miss…”

  1. This is hard to answer because I never got to really know her so I guess that is what I wish the most. To be able to know my daughter.

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